måndag 27 maj 2013

Geeky Doodles

Allergies have been plaguing my eyes this past week and trying to put makeup on their swollen, irritated lids are totally out of place. Instead I spent my Saturday and Sunday evenings doing something that I haven't done for at least a couple of years; sketching portraits! 

Although I'm a bit rusty it was fun to take up this hobby again, and I guess some geeky sketching is just the perfect way to channel the love you can feel for characters from something that you are completely hooked on. :) 

And since people always ask this when I post art:

What materials did you use? Regular paper and pencils (HB, 4H, 6B and 8B), and cotton buds for shading. 

How long does it take you to do a portrait? Between 1 - 2.5 hours. 

Not makeup-related but I figured I'd show them to you anyway. Hope you've had a great weekend! :)

söndag 26 maj 2013

Gothic Glam

The inspiration for this look is the timeless, gothic beauty icon Morticia Addams. There is not very much to be said about it, except that it is an ideal way of looking goth and glamorous in the same time.

It feels a bit strange to wear my hair straight and down like this, but I guess it is kind of convenient to be able to change my hairstyle as I like.

This is probably my favorite lipstick at the moment! It is Wet n Wild's Cherry bomb, which I have been using far too seldom since I got it months ago.

To really enhance the appearance of more elongated, winged out eyes I've added two pairs of false eyelashes; the first one a natural set (Red Cherry #601) and the second one outer corner lashes (Ardell #301).

*Ready Foundation R130 (Bare Minerals)
*Studio Finish Concealer (M.A.C.)
*Mineral Veil (Bare Minerals)
*Eyeshadow Purely naked (Makeup Geek)
*Blush Glow (e.l.f.)

*Brow powder Dark brown (Anastasia Beverly Hills)
*#391 (Inglot)

*Shadow Insurance (original) (Too Faced)
*#351 (Inglot) 
*#339 (Inglot)
*#391 (Inglot)
*Jumbo Pencil Milk (NYX)
*Pigment New Years Eve (Makeup Geek)
*Gel liner Immortal (Makeup Geek)
*False eyelashes #301(Ardell)
*False eyelashes #601(Red Cherry)

*Lipstick Cherry Bomb (Wet N Wild)


The past couple of weeks I have been spending some time preparing posts for the Red and Black week at Sophistique Noir. After participating last year I've been looking forward to do so again and soon the first week of June are upon us! I'm very excited about this!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the look! :) 

måndag 20 maj 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas

I've always admired people like Katie Alves who can do whole paintings on their eyelids, but I've never really thought about doing it myself. Then, the other day I felt a surge of inspiration and created this look inspired by one of my favorite (big surprise) movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Hope you like it! :) I would love to do more "eye art" pieces like this one, inspired by other Tim Burton movies, so we'll see where my imagination will lead me.

*Skin base foundation 02 (Illamasqua)
*Mineral Veil (Bare Minerals)

*#391 (Inglot) 
*Gel liner Immortal (Makeup Geek)

*Gel liner Immortal (Makeup Geek)
*2AM (Sugarpill)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*Tako (Sugarpill)
*Fuji (Makeup Geek)
*Dirty martini (Makeup Geek)
*#391 (Inglot) 
*Jumbo Pencil Milk (NYX)
*Gel liner Amethyst (Makeup Geek)
*Medium Pencil Sophie (Illamasqua)
*Orange face paint (Snazaroo)
*AquaColor White (Kryolan)
*Waterproof Glossy Eyeliner (Isadora)


I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that you are rested enough to take on the upcoming week! Thank you for reading!

söndag 19 maj 2013

Makeup Geek Pigments

At the very end of 2011 Makeup Geek launched their own series of eyeshadows that rapidly grew popular all over the globe. During last year they expanded their line with lipsticks and gel liners, that, just like the eyeshadows, held surprisingly high standards. Now, the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pigments are here to do some serious ass-kicking.

Let's dive into their sparkling realm right away! And look, some of the jars even have levitating lids. ;)

OBSERVE! Left swatch: Over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (white base that is), Right swatch: Pigment applied wet.

Afterglow reminds me of sparkling desert sand. This pigment is suitable for all eye and skin colors and would be gorgeous as an inner corner highlight.

Peachy copper? Coppery peach? I don't know. Either way this is a gorgeous pigment that will definitely flatter a pair of blue eyes with its warm lustre.

There is some kind of vintage aura surrounding this pigment that slightly reminds me of M.A.C.'s Cranberry. Your green eyes will pop right out of your head with this one adorning your lids.

Capturing the dual nature of a feverish, sleepless night Insomnia truly deserves its name. This is a dead on dupe for M.A.C.'s pigment Blue brown. On the swatches you can see how the pigment looks different depending on how the light hits it.

Dark and musty, like some treasure from a long lost culture, Liquid gold takes your breath away. If you're expecting a regular golden pigment you will probably be disappointed. This one is far from regular. It is an odd shade of gold with an almost greenish sheen to it that breathes an antique air.

If I were to name this pigment I would have called it "Candlelight", because that's what it reminds me of. Its real name, New Years Eve, definitely suits it though, when thinking of the champagne and the glamour that night is usually associated with.

A thousand silver sparkles in a base of dark grey is always a safe move when doing a glamourous smokey eye. This pigment is pretty, but not the most unique. When applied wet it turns to a dark, gunmetal color.

A silvery grey pigment that will dress your eyes in Prince Charming's shining armor. ;)

Sweet dreams is a very useful naked shimmer that looks innocent enough although its name instantly makes me think of Freddy Krueger. This shade is bound to suit everybody, Mr. Krueger included.

Now this is definitely a showstopper! With its chunky texture and dark, seductive color Utopia is definitely bound to blow your mind.

Price: $6.99 
Buy here 

Overall impression: Since it is Makeup Geek I am not surprised that these pigments are of the same extraordinary quality as the rest of their products. They really put effort into building up their cosmetics line; an effort that is clearly reflected in the high standard of their products. To be honest there is only one thing that I found less than perfect with these pigments; the jars should be equipped with some kind of sifter (think; the kinds that Bare Minerals use for their foundation jars) so that the pigment won't escape as easily as they do without it. Otherwise, this product is outstanding! 

So, are you excited about these yet? Maybe you've already tried them? :)


Disclosure: The product(s) shown in this post have been sent to me by the brand(s) for use or consideration. This however, does not in any way affect my opinions about the product(s) and I assure you that all of the opinions stated are my own. You, my dear reader, are my priority number one and I would never recommend a product that I do not think is worth spending money on. The product(s) are also, to my best knowledge, completely cruelty free.