tisdag 6 maj 2014

The Ever-Changing Course Of Life

I feel that another explanation is needed here. Another period of life-chaning decisions hit me like a high-speed train and suddenly so much has changed in a very short span of time.

First thing that happened was that I got promoted at work. I will now be assistant manager, a job that carries with it elevated levels of responsibility and heavier work loads. This means that I am going to leave the counter that I have been working for and move to the second biggest MAC counter in the country. I'm thrilled beyond words!

Second thing is something that I'd rather not talk about but I feel that the people who read my blog (and most of all you who read posts like this one) are my friends and that I need to tell this to you because it is such a big piece of my life. The thing is that my relationship ended and since I lived with my ex-boyfriend I have to find a new apartment, and am currently at the mercy of kind people who let me stay with them for a while until I've managed to find a place of my own. Almost all my stuff are still in the old apartment that I shared with my ex and, thus, I can't really take pictures of my makeup looks at the moment.