torsdag 17 januari 2013

Illamasqua Snap

This is the second drool-worhty shade of nail polish I got from Illamasqua. It is a cold stormy pewter grey that for some reason makes me think of Victorian London. That is of course awesome. But, unfortunately, the awesomeness drops downwards quite steeply when it comes to the formula. Maybe it's because I had so high expectations on this polish, after trying Baptiste, but I was rather disappointed with Snap. 

The formula is far too thick to conceive a satisfactory result. It is hard to work with and leaves brush strokes and an uneven finish. Some of these flaws are removed when the top coat is applied, but the surface of the nails aren't as smooth as I require from a good nail polish. :/

Also, despite a fast drying top coat, Snap takes a very long time to dry. Several hours after finishing the manicure I still got dents in my nails from bumping them into things. Not cool.
The good thing about the thickness of the polish is that it has a very good coverage. You only need one application to get full coverage (although I like to apply two coats anyway).

Because of the formula this polish becomes moderate instead of awesome, which is a little bit sad since it is SO pretty.

What do you think about Snap? Have you tried it?

Thank yo uso much for reading and hope you'll have a wonderful day, evening, morning or whatever time of the day it is in your corner of the universe! :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. That is a let down, as the colour is beautiful! =( x

  2. Du kanske kan blanda i lite transparent lack i den för att få den mer lättflytande? Färgen är jättefin.
    Jag hittade Nordic Cap på Hemköp för 10:- så jag köpte massor med nagellack. Köpte flera transparenta för att blanda i pysselglitter och ögonskugga som jag inte använder.