tisdag 10 januari 2012

Weekly Challenge: Blue, Silver & White

Hello everybody!

There's another weekly challenge going on at makeupgeek.com and of course I'm going to enter. :) I really love the weekly challenges because they give you a theme and then your supposed to create a makeup look based on that theme. It's very fun!

So here's my entry:

Important note: The only things I've actually changed in photoshop for this look is the eye- and haircolor to suit the look better! I haven't altered anything in the makeup! 

I've wanted to create an ice queen look for a very long time now and now I finally got to it with the very suitable theme for this weeks weekly challenge. :)

There's supposed to be a lot of sparkles going on all around this makeup actually and particularly on the snowflakes, but the camera didn't pick it up. Sorry! :(

List of products

Eyes and eyebrows
*Mac Pigment "Platinum"
*Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
*Mac "Gesso"
*Make Up Store Microshadow "Pollution"
*Make Up Store Twinkle Eyeshadow "Alva"
*Clinique High Impact Mascara
*Ardell False Lashes #105

*Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
*Mac "Gesso"
*Make Up Store Twinkle Eyeshadow "Alva"

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